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To download all the webpages (eg for offline browsing), all the files have been put into a single PkZip file. If you do not know what to do with a PkZip file, then you should probably not be here.
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If you know what to do with a PkZip file, then after downloading it, extract the files into their own directory, wiping out any previously downloaded family tree files.

Note: You should delete the old versions, as occasionally when a new birth is found, or when an error is found that requires moving one part of an entire tree segment to another, many of the web pages are renamed, as they are based on birth order information, this causes old web page names to become obsolete. OK you can keep these files, but they are not referenced by any other web page, so effectively waste disk space. You may wish to do this if writing to a CD, so as not to fill the CD as quickly with deleted files if there has not been an update.

If you are still ok and understand all this, then...
Download (1.17Mb) Zip file

Thanks to Gillian Anne Harrod (now Gillian Rhodes) for this useful idea.

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