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Using the Internet Geneology Service it was possible to gain much of the Dongray family tree between 1640 and 1884. BUT... there is debate and uncertainty about who is the father of Peter Dangray. Currently, I'm of the belief that Peter was born Pierre Dancre, as if you pronounce Dancre in a heavy French accent it sounds much like Dangre. Remember the French pronounce words like Dans like an English person would pronouce Don nasally. And the gutteral cr sounds (to an English ear) very much like a gutteral gr, as English does not use gutteral sounds.

Then I have found various ancestors whose children sometimes were registered Dancre, while others were registered Dangre, which joins these two names, however they were pronouced. Especially as 17th century French and English probably did not sound much like Parissienne French nor Queen's English sound today. I also do not believe the literacy level of anyone was good enough to make records have consistant spellings of names.
FYI I have found other ancestors have been registered with any of D'Angre, Dangree, Dungre, Dancre, Doncar, Donkar, Daugre, Dungrey, Dangrey, Dongree, Dongreay, Dongrey, Dougray, but now we are Dongray.
Coming from North France, a town called Angre is probably the source of the name, as De means of, so someone from there would be (for example) John Of Angre, which in French is Jean D'Angre.

The modern day information was mainly provided by:

I have managed to put together an extensive tree from the top of the tree down to the current day. Although there are some Dongray's found in the phone books that we have yet to connect - but one day!

There are many holes, and potential people who had children not recorded, whose decendents may be alive today with the name Dongray, and maybe would like to contact me, Bryan Dongray, either by email (, phone (USA: +1-510-315-8645 / UK: 01603-516225).
Key blue for boys pink for girls Dates are YYYY-MM-DD format Dates with -abt are as recorded
Calculated guesses Dates with * are christenings Dates with -ish are my guesses

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